Diagnostic Imaging

The hysterosalpingogram is an essential part of an infertility evaluation. Simply stated, it is an x-ray which shows the uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes. Typically lasting only a minute or two, we strive to make your experience a relaxing one. Utilizing a spa like atmosphere, you will hardly believe you are having a medical…

IVF MINC Incubator

IVF Incubators at NFC – Advanced and Individual

IVF incubators are the most important piece of equipment in the IVF laboratory. In order to grow embryos in the laboratory, conditions must be absolutely perfect. The IVF incubator provides these conditions. IVF incubators control the temperature, humidity and the concentrations of essential gases: oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

IVF Life Aire

IVF Air Quality – An essential for high pregnancy rates

The most difficult part of the IVF process is growing embryos in the IVF laboratory. Creating an optimal environment for embryos is extremely important for ensuring embryo viability and maintaining the highest pregnancy rates. Numerous factors, such as air quality, temperature, humidity, levels of essential gases and light, are known to affect eggs and embryos.…

Services available at NFC

Hysterosalpingogram under anesthesia

Hysterosalpingogram under anesthesia Most women do not need anesthesia for a hysterosalpingogram. However, some patients become very nervous about the prospect of any medical procedure. Do you have difficulty getting a PAP smear in your gynecologist’s office? Does the thought a a routine pelvic exam cause you to break out in a sweat? If so,…

Fertility Laparoscopy at Naperville Fertility Center

Fertility Laparoscopy There are two types of problems that women can have in their abdomen that can cause infertility and are difficult or impossible to detect without surgery. These two problems are endometriosis and pelvic adhesions (scar tissue). Fertility laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that allows a physician to see inside the abdomen and pelvis.…

Fertility Hysteroscopy at Naperville Fertility Center

Fertility Hysteroscopy Women with abnormalities inside their uterine cavity may suffer from a variety of problems including infertility, pain and bleeding. Fertility hysteroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows a physician to see inside the uterine cavity to diagnose and correct these problems. Hysteroscopy is also used in certain circumstances to remove see or remove…

IVF Egg Retrieval – NFC is the best place to have it

IVF Egg Retrieval In order to complete the IVF procedure, eggs must be removed from the female’s ovaries. This is known as an IVF egg retrieval. During this procedure, a needle is passed into the ovaries with guidance from a transvaginal ultrasound. The needle is advanced into each follicle where an egg has been developing.…

Donor Embryo Program at Naperville Fertility Center

The Naperville Fertility Center maintains an embryo donation program. you may view details of available embryo donors in the table below. If you wish to attempt pregnancy using one of the embryo donors, then you must be a registered, active patient with one of the fertility physicians who utilizes Naperville Fertility Center. We do not…

IVF Embryo Transfer at Naperville Fertility Center

IVF Embryo Transfer The last phase of the the IVF procedure is the placement of embryos into the uterine cavity. This is known as an IVF embryo transfer. During this procedure, a tiny catheter containing the embryos  is inserted into the uterine cavity. It is guided to the best spot using abdominal ultrasound.  In order…

Frequently asked questions

Where is Naperville Fertility Center located?

Naperville Fertility Center is located in downtown Naperville, Illinois – just west of Chicago.

I am interested in one of your embryo donors. How do I proceed?

If you are not already a patient at IVF1, register to become a patient and then let them know that you are interested in embryo donation.

How do I become a patient at NFC?

You must be a patient of one of the fertility experts who perform procedures at NFC. Check out Dr Randy Morris at IVF1

Is NFC licensed and inspected?

Yes. Naperville Fertility Center is inspected by the Illinois Department of Public Health and licensed by the State of Illinois as an ambulatory surgical center.

Is Naperville Fertility Center accredited?

Yes. Naperville Fertility Center is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). In AAAASF accredited facilities, Patient Safety is First!

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    IVF Expert: New studies cast doubt on benefits of ERA test

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    0:39 What is necessary for an embryo to implant?
    1:22 How many days of hormones are needed?
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    2:55 When is the window of implantation?
    3:42 New studies about the ERA test

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