IVF Life Aire

The most difficult part of the IVF process is growing embryos in the IVF laboratory. Creating an optimal environment for embryos is extremely important for ensuring embryo viability and maintaining the highest pregnancy rates. Numerous factors, such as air quality, temperature, humidity, levels of essential gases and light, are known to affect eggs and embryos. IVF air quality is often overlooked when setting up an IVF laboratory. The designers of the Naperville Fertility Center went to great lengths to ensure the highest possible air quality for the IVF lab.

What worsens IVF air quality?

1)      Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are very harmful to embryos. Many studies have documented that small amounts of VOCs in the circulating air of an IVF laboratory can have detrimental effects on pregnancy rates. VOCs are gases that are emitted from a variety of sources found in and near the IVF laboratory. Common source for VOCs, for example include ordinary indoor wall paint, plastics used in test tubes and petri dishes, perfumes, deodorants, and even car exhaust from outside the building.

2)      Particles (particulates) including common dust and lint

3)      Biologicals such as fungi, mold spores, viruses and bacteria[hr_shadow]

How does the Naperville Fertility Center keep the air quality in the IVF laboratory so pure and clean?

Most of the surfaces in our IVF laboratory are stainless steel which do not emit VOCs and are easy to clean surfaces which resist the growth of biological. Every other surface including the flooring, paint, ceiling tiles, doors was specially selected to have low levels of VOC emission.

Naperville Fertility Center also features a fully integrated state of the art air filtration system known as the LifeAire system. The LifeAire IVF air purification system combines HEPA filters (to remove particulates), UVC radiation to kill biological (without creating harmful ozone) and a one of a kind system for the elimination of VOCs. Naperville Fertility Center is the only IVF center in Illinois to feature the LifeAire system and one of only five centers nationwide.

3rd party independent testing of the air in the Naperville Fertility Center IVF laboratory shortly after completion of construction, when VOC levels would ordinarily be very high- revealed undetectable VOC levels.

Does better IVF air quality actually improve pregnancy rates?

The answer is a resounding yes! Results from a center in Albany found that IVF pregnancy rates were doubled after installation of the LifeAire system. Results from the Naperville Fertility Center have been astounding!