Hysterosalpingogram under anesthesia

Most women do not need anesthesia for a hysterosalpingogram. However, some patients become very nervous about the prospect of any medical procedure. Do you have difficulty getting a PAP smear in your gynecologist’s office? Does the thought a a routine pelvic exam cause you to break out in a sweat?

If so, you may be a good candidate to have your hysterosalpingogram under anesthesia.

Administered by a board certified anesthesiologist, medication can be given to you through an IV which will allow you to gently drift off to sleep for a few moments. When you awake, the procedure will be over and your doctor can show you the pictures and review the results.

If you receive anesthesia, you will need to bring a responsible adult to the Naperville Fertility Center who can drive you home and stay with you after the procedure.