Embryo Couple

Embryo Donor Code
DE 1256
Embryos available
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Female Donor Information

Information about the female who provided the eggs to make these embryos

Female Age
Female Race
Female Ethnicity
Polish, German, Lithuanian, English, Austrian, Bohemian
Female Height
Female Weight
Female Education
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Female Profession

Male Donor Information

Information about the male who provided the sperm to make these embryos

Male Age
Male race
Male Ethnicity
Polish, Dutch, English
Male Height
Male Weight
Male Education
Associates in Applied Science / Fire science
Male Profession
Firefighter / Paramedic

Couple Donation History

A brief history of what has happened during previous transfers using these embryos

Donating couple pregnant?
Outcome of each donation
donating couple not pregnant with fresh transfer. COnceived and delivered with frozen transfer.conceived and delivered again with second frozen transfer. 5 embryos available Matched with recipient # 2 58670 12/28/18 one thawed and transferred-Pregnant- delivered 4 remain frozen Matched with recipient # 1 (56814)12/26/18 Note match # 2 has already occurred. one thawed and transferred-not pregnant- three remain Matched with recipient #3 54253 1/14/2019 *Pt asked to be unmatched 4/1/19 Matched with recipient #4 55794 as back up on 1/15/19 did not use 3 embryos available Matched with recipient #5 MJR - patient of Dr. Rostein on 5/16/19 one thawed- one transferred- two remain frozen MATCHED PT 53887 ON 7/2/19 one thawed and transferred- not pg one embryo remains frozen and available 2/12/20 matched with 53987 as b/u