The Naperville Fertility Center maintains an embryo donation program. you may view details of available embryo donors in the table below. If you wish to attempt pregnancy using one of the embryo donors, then you must be a registered, active patient with one of the fertility physicians who utilizes Naperville Fertility Center. We do not ship embryos to other fertility centers.

To see complete information for a donor couple, click the Donor Code

Some males in donor couples have tested positive for CMV. Additional information about CMV and Embryo Donation can be found here.

Embryo Donor CodeCurrently matched?Female RaceFemale Eye ColorFemale Hair ColorMale raceMale Eye ColorMale Hair Color
DE 1273YesCaucasianBlueBlondeCaucasianBlueBrown
DE 1360YesAsianBlackBrownAsianBrownBrown
DE 1411YesCaucasianBlueBrownCaucasianBlueBrown
DE 1337YesCaucasianBrownBrownCaucasianBlueBlonde
DE 1224YesCaucasianBlueBlondeHispanicBrownBlack
DE 1071YesCaucasianGreenBlondeCaucasianBlueBrown
DE 834NoEastern IndianBrownBlackAsianBrownBlack