• CAP Accreditation

    The CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program is an internationally recognized program and the only one of its kind that utilizes teams of practicing laboratory professionals as inspectors. Designed to go well beyond regulatory compliance, the program helps laboratories achieve the highest standards of excellence to positively impact patient care.

    CAP Accreditation
  • Naperville Fertility Center

    The Naperville Fertility Center is located on the corner of Washington Street and Benton Avenue in the heart of downtown Naperville. It is easily accessible from the north via I-88, from the east via I-355 and from the south via I-55

    Naperville Fertility Center
  • A Surgery Center for Fertility Patients

    Most surgery centers are designed for various categories of surgical procedures: cosmetic, dermatologic, opthalmology etc . Naperville Fertility Center was designed from the ground up solely for fertility patients and fertility procedures. Every aspect of the construction was carefully designed to enhance the comfort and reduce the stress associated with fertility treatment.

    A Surgery Center for Fertility Patients
  • The most advanced technology

    Naperville Fertility center provides the most advanced technology for the treatment of infertility. We use electronic medical records. Our digital recording devices allow the physicians to import images and video directly into the patient medical record.. or transmit to your referring physician.

    The most advanced technology
  • Private Admit and Recovery Bays

    Naperville Fertility Center understands that fertility is a private matter. Our patient care areas were designed to allow the patients to have private conversations with their doctor during the admission and recovery process.

    Each patient has their own spacious, private room during admit and recovery.

    Private Admit and Recovery Bays
  • AAAASF Accreditation

    Naperville Fertility Center has been accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities so you can be confident that our safety guidelines and protocols meet the Gold Standard.

    AAAASF Accreditation
  • LifeAire air filtration system

    Naperville Fertility Center uses the LifeAire system to achieve the best possible IVF air quality for growing embryos in the laboratory

    LifeAire air filtration system

Welcome to the Naperville Fertility Center.

Naperville Fertility Center is a fully licensed, Illinois ambulatory surgical center. NFC is unique in that it is focused entire on infertility and reproduction. Our mission goes far beyond that. We have worked hard to give the center a spa like feel. Soft music, soothing and inviting colors and friendly knowledgeable staff all work together in concert to give you an experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Naperville Fertility Center is home to the most advanced IVF laboratory in Illinois.

Naperville Fertility Center utilizes highly advanced technology to help us fulfill our mission. From the computerized medical records system to the digital image capture to our building wide environmental control system, everything has been engineered for peak performance, comfort and results.

To ensure the highest level of patient safety, Naperville Fertility Center has been accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).



A hysterosalpingogram is a standard infertility diagnostic procedure.

In order to perform in vitro fertilization, the eggs must be removed or aspirated from the ovary This is commonly referred to as an egg retrieval.

At the Naperville Fertility Center, each IVF patient has embryos kept in their own incubator.

Comprehensive chromosome screening is performed on embryos by removing cells from the embryo. This procedure is called a trophoblast biopsy